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Full-fledged business of any size is impossible without promotion on the Internet. Every entrepreneur has his own view on this. Someone thinks that it is enough to create a page in social networks, and someone orders a multi-page site with powerful functionality. Of course, social networks play an important role in promoting business, but ignoring the creation of the company's website, you lose a huge number of potential customers.
However, to navigate in a huge list of website varieties can be difficult, so first of all you need to understand which one is suitable for your business. If it is in the early stages of development or you need to tell about your private services, the ideal solution would be a business card website. This is the best option, which will tell the client all the necessary information about your company.

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Term of site development - 1 day

Ready-made website design (template)

Mobile device adaptability

Feedback form module

Filling the site with the cunsomer's text

Buttons of social networks

Online Chat

Help with domain name selection

Interactive blocks

Lead capture forms

Video on site management

Placing a site on the hosting

Term of site development - 5 days

Development of unique site design

Mobile device adaptability

Feedback form module

Registration in searching systems

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Content Filling

Interactive blocks

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Buttons of social networks

Question/answer module

Lead capture forms

Video on site management

Placing a site on the hosting

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Bisiness card website

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Advantages of the business card site

It’s basically a business card, just a virtual one. But this does not mean that you only need to specify contact details, you can fill it with the content you think is necessary. With a competent approach and quality development, such a site can increase not only the number of potential customers, but also the amount of profit.

  • Low cost;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Possibility to create the site in 1 day;
  • Possibility to independently update content and add page;
  • Round the clock virtual office;
  • Convenient way to communicate with clients;
  • Fast payback.

It is basically the most advantageous, convenient and easy way to tell about yourself on the Internet. The main thing is to make your busuness card website unique and original, what the team Web Generator will be happy to help you with.

5 secrets of an effective virtual business card

  1. Individuality.
    There are a lot of cool sites online and you want the same? Fine, but you don’t have to do everything pattern repeatedly, you can work out an idea, but the emphasis is on originality. Otherwise, your business will not be of any interest.
  2. Brevity is the soul of wit.
    Of course, you want to tell as much about your business as possible but this is not quite the case. Why load your business card with unnecessary information? It is better to add buttons on the social network, where details about your business will be more pertinent in the form of posts. Or you can add a blog page and post it periodically.
  3. Feedback.
    In addition to the address and phone number, be sure to add other ways of communication like email address and links to social networks. It is also important that the site has a form for communicating with you.
  4. Usability. 
    Even the simplest site on one page can be spoiled by inconvenient navigation and “heavy” components that will slow down the business card. Therefore, it is necessary to make the functionality of the site convenient and comfortable for the user.
  5. Adaptivity.
    When creating a website, it is important to make sure that the business card is properly displayed and works on any device – from a smartphone to a PC.

Creating a business card website in Web Generator

Work on the virtual business card in our studio is divided into 3 stages:

  1. The preliminary stage.
    Tasks and goals are defined. The concept of the site is created. The technical requirements are developed and the contract is signed.
  2. Creation.
    The design and layout of business cards are developed. CMS is connected and the functionality of the site is implemented basic content is produced, and then comes testing of pages and delivery of the site. The
  3. The final stage.
    The right domain is registered and selected . Hosting is provided and a client card with access to business cards is transferred.

The creation process depends on what package the client chooses. But in any case you will be satisfied with the result!



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Portes Manager

I turned to create an online store, we had an old shop on the service, the goal was to import all the goods from the old store to the new, sorting and filling we were engaged in, the store was made with many features on the selection and filtering. We work together up to the present day. I recommend it.


Company Director

We have a bicycle shop, but there was no online store. According to the design was made an online shop and implemented the functionality of online payments Privat24. Also synchronization with TORGSOFT service was made, all products are automatically imported and updated from this service. We always have the actual balances and prices.


Shop owner

We are the owners of shops selling fur coats, asked the studio to create an online store. We have adopted the template version, translated into Russian, filled with goods, all quickly and efficiently.


Company manager

Thank you guys for creating a corporate website, the site turned out to be voluminous both in pages and content, the content was made by the studio in two languages, the output received a completely finished product, we will continue to cooperate. Thank you


Company manager

Very grateful to the team for the realization of landing for advertising, made the design and layout, everything was very well, I recommend. Very grateful to the team for the realization of landing for advertising, made the design and layout, everything was very well, I recommend.