In today’s world it is impossible to imagine entrepreneurial activity without a virtual office, which is the company’s website. Any business project needs an Internet representative, as much as air to breathe. Similarly, the site needs technical support to make everything run like clockwork. This contributes not only to effective promotion, but also many times simplifies the conduct of business.

Packages of site support:

Basic – 5 hours

Expanded- 10 hours

What is technical support of the site?

One can not assume that for the prosperity of business is enough to create a web page. It is important that in its work there were no failures and errors, for this purpose there is a site support. It also includes:

  • Instant assessment of technical faults and timely correction of err;
  • Full control over the work of the si;
  • Regular virus search and quick elimination when detected;
  • Technical improvements, filling and updating the site;
  • Backing up the database;
  • Training on admin;
  • Round-the-clock cont.

Of course, this is not the whole list of services that are included in the service of the site. At the initial stage, when we are just discussing the project, all items that includes this service are discussed. Our specialists will always advise the client on the best option for technical support, taking into account all the nuances of its website.

Problems and soluti

Sites are different – someone chooses a landing page, and someone needs an online store. The main thing that unites them is they must work for you and this work, unlike office graphics, should be 24 hours a day. For this purpose, it is necessary to notice the problem in time and instantly solve it. After years of analysis, we have identified the main problems that arise in the site work.

  • The page is loaded too long, but the Internet is fine.
  • When loading the site, errors “pop up”;
  • Poor design or functionality;
  • Outdated content that impeds promotion;
  • Disabling hosting services or domain.

Site support includes not only technical services. It is also important to ensure that you pay for your domain or hosting services on time so that your page does not stop working because of such trifles. On top of that, it is necessary to test the website periodically after browser updates, and not only on PC or laptop, but also on tablets and smartphones. This list also includes text content, which also needs to be updated.

What can we do for y?

Web Generator works not only with sites that were created in our studio. We also set up a work of those pages that for some reason are problematic or require complete upgrade. 

Our basic services:

  • Registration or purchase of a domain for your business website;
  • Refining, updating and filling the site;
  • Filling or updating the content;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Hosting providing;
  • And much more.

Keep in mind that it is most convenient to order the service of your page where you made it. Developers who have been involved in the creation of your site, initially understand how to make its work uninterrupted, what will be taken into account when recommending support. 

We advise you to choose the appropriate package, which includes not only the creation, but also support for your company’s website. First of all, it is profitable – for example, you do not need to order a full range of services for langing page, and therefore, do not need to pay more. Secondly, for each type of site we have chosen a really necessary list of support services, which guarantees the absence of unnecessary items in this set.